Our brands


Alegra is the perfect partner for retailers, wholesalers and importers as it offers product segmentation, continuous supplies and consistent levels of quality in its products.

Consistent levels of quality and premium positioning are the hallmarks of the wide range of 100% Italian, seasonal fruit and vegetables marketed under the Valfrutta brand. Valfrutta guarantees that only the best varieties of each crop have been grown in the most renowned areas, backed up by investments in communication aimed at consumers in retail outlets and through the main media channels.

Organic farmers since 1989, we offer a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables. A broad range of fresh produce is guaranteed year-round, in harmony with the natural seasons of the foods. Our members are monitored throughout the whole supply chain thanks to our network of farming experts. Brio has partnerships with major retail channels in Italy and abroad.


The farms belonging to Alegra, located in the most renowned areas for traditional crops, are members of and contribute large amounts of produce to the main farmers’ associations that market and distribute quality products under collective brands.

Jingold was created to protect and provide a guarantee of the flavour and overall excellence of a unique fruit: the golden kiwi fruit. The Jingold brand is synonymous with quality and maintenance of the highest production standards, meaning that consumers know they can rely on it. Producers and retailers joined forces in 2001 to create a direct line between the kiwi fruit farmers and the market. More than 600 farmers in Italy and around the world now form part of this project. The brand mission and philosophy centre around promoting this unique product to the utmost, with the aim of not only fulfilling but even exceeding the expectations of customers and consumers in terms of its flavour, quality, value and sustainability.

This is the brand name of the premium-quality FUJI apple from the orchards of Emilia-Romagna. Alegra forms part of the MelaPiù farmers’ association through its member farms located in the area this apple is produced in. Thanks to its excellent organoleptic characteristics, FUJI apples are positioned as premium fruit.

Ondine is the brand of high quality flat nectarines. Crispy and juicy, this flat nectarine has a high level of Brix between 17° and 19° with peaks that reach 20°.
The ONDINE flat nectarine varieties have a uniform, intense red colour, semi-sweet flavour, perfect pistilar closing and a smooth and thin skin that is an invitation to be eaten in bites without being peeled.
In 2022 Ondine have received the flavour of the year award.

The association: unique, just like our opera.
“Opera” is a very special farmers’ association as it’s the only Italian association of fruit farmers specialising solely in growing pears. Its goal is to produce and supply the best pears in Italy, the EU and worldwide.

Discover a new all-Italian take on kiwifruit. Its bright green colour, juiciness, its sweetest and most balanced taste is the fruit of Italian research and agricultural tradition. Its balanced flavour ensures top satisfaction with every bite: the harmonious blend between sweetness and underlying acidity characterizes its unique taste, given by a high level of dry matter and by an average Brix degree which is consistently high. The new AC 459-11 kiwifruit variety is the result of the collaboration amongst New Plant, academic research and three main Producer organisations from the Emilia-Romagna region.

The Alegra member potato farmers form part of the Italian Quality Potatoes Association that promotes the “Selenella” potato. This potato is enriched with selenium, a powerful antioxidant and an essential element for health, as it helps fight the free radicals that cause damage and aging in our cells.

geographical indication

On a European level, PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certification is awarded to those fresh produce where the quality comes from the geographical location the produce is grown in and the fact that it is produced by member farms located in a specific area which adhere to the strict rules laid down in the production protocol and are overseen by a dedicated authority.  

designation of origin

Products with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certification are a guarantee of:

  • Reliability, as these products are governed and protected by Italian and EU laws;
  • Traceability, as they come from a well defined geographical area;
  • The feel of a land, as they display unique characteristics coming from their deep connection to the land they’re produced in;
  • Unique local traditions, or in other words, respect for traditional production methods and processing methods that preserve the unique characteristics of the product.