The ideal partner for distribution networks

We mainly supply importers, wholesalers and supermarket chains. Our tailor made solutions aim to meet the needs of individual customers’ demands. Quality and quantity guaranteed.
Alegra provide:

Customised supply plans

We provide customised services in terms of product segmentation, packaging and customer’s private label range in order to satisfy different customer needs.

Category management

Through our expertise we support customers in the development of new category management projects. We optimise and increase product ranges to improve our selection and enable our customers to be in line with market trends.

Product andpackaging innovation

Our R&D department actively search for new varieties which are not only tasty but have a longer shelf life and are resistant to pathogens and climate changes.

We keep our packaging updated in line with consumer trends, new regulations and environmental issues without missing packaging main purpose: to protect and enhance the product inside.



In-store and out-of-store promotional activities are carried out in cooperation with retailers and distributors. These are devised to increase sales of existing products as well as promoting healthy eating.

Training courses for fresh-produce
department staff

Alegra is happy to share its know-how and expertise in the fresh fruit and vegetables industry through training programmes.
These are aimed at the staff of supermarket chains and they cover the entire production cycle from varietal research and recognition, seasonalities, harvesting, storage and product handling.

Consumer test

Consumer tests are carried out in stores in order to assess new varities and verify their selling potential with end customers.