Other Brands

Other Brands

This is a high-quality product. Black on the outside and red on the inside, it is a seedless watermelon bursting with flavour and sweetness. The fruits are selected using natural methods and are guaranteed thanks to controls throughout the production chain. The flesh, red and crisp, melts sweetly in the mouth and quenches your thirst. Dolce e Nera is attractive, delicious and healthy too, thanks to the notable antioxidant properties of lycopene and the high amounts of vitamins and mineral salts it contains.

The top range of apples cultivated in the best growing areas of the Emilia Romagna region. These apples display excellent standards of quality, as can be perceived in their particularly pleasant taste, and in the sweetness and crispness of their flesh.

A selection of the top Italian varieties of quality potatoes and onions produced in the most renowned areas, with different packaging depending on the use they are destined for in the kitchen. These products are grown on selected lands with integrated production techniques that respect the environment in order to guarantee the quality and wholesomeness of the products (harvested at just the right moment) and to maintain their nutritional and sensory qualities until they reach the table.

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